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Learn to Shoot

We offer a basic handgun safety and marksmanship course to help you not only get started in the sport of shooting but also help get rid of bad habits if you have been shooting for a while.  Both new and experienced shooters can gain benefit from this class. The course has been designed to present the basic knowledge and skills necessary for safe firearms handling and the fundamental skills required for good marksmanship. This is an excellent class for men, women or children over the age of 14 who wish to learn to shoot or want to improve on their basic skills. We ask that children be accompanied by at least one parent taking the course.  

The course is from 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm (unless listed otherwise) and includes approximately 2.5 hours of classroom and one hour of supervised shooting time during the course.  The fee is $85.00 per person. All materials necessary for completing the course are included (firearm, ammunition, eye and ear protection).  Please call 770-967-4444 to check on class dates, availability and to reserve your spot.     

Concealed Carry 101

So you purchased a gun for self protection. Now what? In this class, we will talk about concealed carry and some of the considerations that go along with it. Your mindset, awareness of your surroundings, avoiding the threat and how to carry (various holster types) among other things. The course is classroom only and approximately 2 hours. $50 

USCCA Instructor Certification

You will learn to teach the following USCCA courses: Home Defense, Basic Handgun Defense and Concealed Carry. Come train with us and learn how to teach firearms training and concealed carry skills in a safe and confident manner.

The USCCA sets all instructor prices. In addition to the instructor fee, you will need to purchase the instructor toolkit from USCCA for an additional $250. This additional fee covers the e-learning component that must be completed two weeks prior to class. You will also receive a USCCA hat, instructor polo and 10 copies of the handbook among other things to help get you started. Once you have registered and have been approved for the class, you will be sent information on how to obtain the toolkit. Please email with any questions. 

Upcoming Classes

We offer private lessons upon request.

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